• partitions
  • wainscot
  • chair rails
  • wall protection
  • FRP and Marlite
  • baby changing station
  • accessories
  • toddler height partitions

Partition tune ups or simple retrofit will fix the following problems:

  • misaligned doors
  • latches that don't lock
  • worn out accessories
  • outdated look


  • ADA standards
  • redesign old bathrooms
  • maximize your space

If you need help in evaluating whether it's time for a tune up or a total bathroom makeover, we an help, so call us at (408) 202-0669. We can assist you with the design, install the materials and ensure they are the most durable and can handle high traffic or potential abuse situations.





Copyright © 2005 kevcodesign - all rights reserved


Copyright 2005 kevcodesign - all rights reserved